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Chapter one properties is young, fresh, dynamic with an innovative approach, ensuring international standards and always customer centric. 

Our firm's clear mission is to be truly different, embrace change and offer the real estate sector in paphos a new dynamic and innovative attitude. One that is consistent with a changing business and economic world, as well as a changing generation customer. We strive to be professional, efficient, down-to-earth, and most importantly, understanding. 

The true foundation of our real estate service is found in the extensive array of properties listed in our continually growing database. 

Chapter One Properties


The wide diversity of properties included in our ever-expanding database is the true foundation of our real estate business. Without a doubt, a large and diverse portfolio gives more alternatives to potential home buyers and also  resulting in more inquiries for property sellers.  

This gives chapter one properties the extra benefit of having a unique and wide understanding of the local real estate market and property appraisals, as well as an unrivaled sales distribution network. 

Search Chapter One Properties database for villas for sale in paphos , apartments in paphos, commercial properties and land for sale in paphos.

Chapter One Properties

opening hours

We have adopted extended and more flexible business hours to fulfill the demands and changing needs of the Cyprus market. Opening hours for offices and call centers are increasingly more convenient and flexible, as are evening, weekend, and bank holiday property viewings and sales meetings.

In fact, over half of all viewings now take place in the nights and on weekends, thus our extended hours are critical to maximizing showing prospects for your home. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays  9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, Sundays, and holidays while our phone lines are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Chapter One Properties


When dealing with real estate in Cyprus, it needs dedication, talent, and experience to negotiate the best possible terms between a buyer and a seller. Our staff is well-versed in the Cyprus market, as well as having worldwide realtor and business expertise, and is multi-lingual being able to cope with a wide range of customers. 

We provide a wide range of qualifications, as well as distinctive, current, and periodically upgraded professional standards. Overall, Chapter One Properties is a real estate business in Cyprus that offers a variety of property services to assist buyers feel safe and secure about their house or investment.

Chapter One Properties

forward thinking

As determined by market conditions we constantly aim to be forward-thinking and proactive. Our company mission is to properly comprehend both the Cyprus property market and today's real estate client, allowing us to boldly provide innovative approaches and services to meet both needs. 

As a result, we are able to expand naturally and adapt to new heights. We not only provide frequent property bargains on Cyprus property sales, we can advise on everything from a single building plot purchase to a multi-unit project investment. 

We always use an analytical approach to ensure that our clients make educated decisions.  Whether it is the purchase of a single plot or a huge project we are here to help you make educated decisions.

Chapter One Properties

online platform

Our web platform serves as our link to property buyers and sellers. Without a doubt, our website is the first impression and indicator of our company's strategy, attitude to Cyprus real estate, and level of service. It is, of course, a real-time and 'live' internet tool for today's fast-paced and demanding property shopper.

Above all, our website is fully stocked with properties throughout Cyprus, clearly classified real estate, detailed property listings with an emphasis on professional photography and important specs, map and areas functionality for searching, and up-to-date information on Cyprus Living, legal, financial, buyers and sellers guides. A dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking digital platform that is setting the bar for the Cyprus real estate industry.


Chapter One Properties
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