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The aim is to sell your house at the highest feasible price. There are several aspects to consider when choosing an estate agent who can do this. Chapter One Properties makes selling your home in Cyprus easier, quicker, and more efficient. We are accessible outside of business hours, so we may answer inquiries and perform property viewings more frequently.

We have a dynamic sales and marketing team with new and inventive selling concepts. Professional photography and a high-quality overall presentation of your property. We do multiple completely certified assessments, allowing us to provide intimate and unequalled knowledge of actual and realistic market property prices in Cyprus. This puts us in the greatest position to negotiate the finest terms on your behalf when selling your property.

Sell Your Property with us


To sell quickly and for the greatest price, you must capture the attention of actual qualified potential buyers while presenting your home in the best way possible. Real estate marketing should always be distinctive. Although there are certain conventional practices in each market, each property is unique, thus each should have its own marketing and promotion. It is critical to understand marketing channels to do this effectively.

Chapter OneProperties  is unquestionably the finest place to develop a marketing strategy for your property, including advertising, promotions, and selling distribution channels in Cyprus and overseas. We always advertise the property to the best of our ability and resources, preparing for all necessary media to attract the right purchasers.

Sell Your Property with us


Property viewings are, of course, vital. For most purchasers, acquiring property is one of the most important decisions they will make, thus they will want to undertake comprehensive, numerous inspections. So be prepared for prospective buyers to come to your house and carefully examine every feature. 
A buyer should always feel at ease exploring the house and getting a clear sense of how it feels. They should depart with no or very few worries. We will lead them through the inspection and qualify their particular wants and desires, which will be critical for future discussions. We ensure that purchasers have the freedom, flexibility, and comfort to investigate in order to get the best possible offer!
Sell Your Property with us


We will advise you on offers and potential discussions, as well as how to accept offers and handle any future legal processes. 
It is fairly common for an offer to be intensively negotiated, shifting between buyer and seller several times before being accepted. This is standard practice in Cyprus. We ensure that we understand your pricing restrictions and expectations, as well as the boundaries of each buyer, so that we can negotiate more effectively.
Because there is always the possibility of negotiation, you should not exaggerate the advertised selling price of your home. A fair market valuation attracts more potential purchasers, because the genuine value of a property can never be undervalued.


Sell Your Property with us


our listing agents are ready to come over and have a look at your property

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